I have a confession! I am excited about the clocks changing this weekend. In fact, I have been counting down the days.

That is because daylight motivates me! I call it the big switch. I love the sunlight as a fitness person because I move more and have more natural sunlight. Plus the darker days of winter are known to cause seasonal mood disorder – AKA depression.

I am a night person (shocking) so I would rather the extra sunlight at the end of the day though I may initially bemoan losing that hour of sleep in the morning! But, the daylight makes us more apt toward outdoor recreation and a less sedentary lifestyle. The more you are outside the less artificial light is needed. The extra walks and exercise endorphin high is awesome! There are some cons including messing up our body clocks and we can lose sleep and feel tired during the transition. A tip to make the change easier – start 30 minutes earlier with your bedtime routine on Friday (also try calming nighttime routines to relax you) and get up 30 minutes earlier on Saturday. Repeat the same for Saturday and Sunday. Then just let the sun times roll!

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