Summer is here, and it just might be the perfect time to try out a dietary approach outlined by researchers at Baylor University. The study calls for substituting what it calls “avoidance” foods for what it terms “approach” foods.

The researchers don’t want you to force-feed yourself a healthy food you hate (say, liver) in place of an unhealthy food you love (say, brownies). No. What the study suggests is substitute something like a huge slice of watermelon or a bowl of berries in place of the brownies. “Seek out yummy healthy foods” as a substitute, the study says. In that way, after you eat the berries or watermelon, chances are your craving for brownies will be extinguished by the sweetness of the healthy fruit.

Here’s another suggestion. Those summer barbecues don’t have to automatically translate to gobbling down hotdogs and hamburgers. Instead, sub in grilled veggies. Any combination will do: tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, zucchinis. peppers. Mix in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and sprinkle on pepper. Gobble that down, and your craving for that hot dog might just slip away.

Finally, you don’t have to quench summer thirst with alcohol, soda, sugared ice tea or juice. Sub in unsweetened ice tea, or a simple cup or water or soda water, with a twist of lemon or lime or mint. That vodka and tonic temptation might just dissipate like the summer heat in the cooling breeze of evening.

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